5 Overlooked Benefits of Mediation

Most attorneys can quickly identify the top advantages of mediation: it saves parties the time, the expense and the stress of going to trial and offers a greater degree of privacy for dispute resolution.  But mediation offers a much wider range of benefits that may go overlooked or are less appreciated by attorneys. When considering […]

Six Things You Can Expect From an EVMS Mediation

The choice of mediator is not one to be taken lightly. Mediators come from all walks of life and backgrounds, with varying philosophical perspectives. These influences shape their unique approach to conducting mediations, as well as their effectiveness in resolving disputes.  At Eischens + Vogel Mediation Solutions, our litigation backgrounds shape our approach to mediation. […]

Six Tips for a Successful Mediation

Whether voluntary or court-ordered, mediations can provide parties an opportunity to better understand their cases and come to a resolution without the added expense and stress of going to trial.  Here are six tips for making the most of your client’s mediation session.  Prepare, prepare, prepare: Spend adequate time investigating and preparing your “talking points,” […]


Two Veterans of Litigation and Mediation Join to Create New Firm KANSAS CITY, Mo. (September 22, 2021) – Lawyers in the Midwest soon will have more options to mediate employment litigation and other disputes. Founded by two trial-tested litigators, Eischens + Vogel Mediation Solutions will launch on November 1. The new business marks an evolution […]