Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

Fees are $425 per hour to prepare and conduct the mediation. If the matter requires travel of more than 100 miles outside the Kansas City metropolitan area, travel time will be billed at half the hourly rate.

There will be no fee charged if a previously scheduled mediation is rescheduled or cancelled at least 15 days prior to the scheduled mediation. If a mediation is cancelled within 15 days of a scheduled mediation, the parties will each be charged for one hour at the mediator’s hourly rate.

Yes. We offer online video conferencing mediations, where some or all of the participants are in remote locations. Our Confidentiality Agreement requires that all parties and all participants to this type of alternative dispute resolution acknowledge and agree not to record, by any means, any of the communications, actions or events that take place in the attempt to reach an agreement.

Yes. We can provide a Saturday mediator for a flat fee of $5,000.

Parties are asked to provide whatever information or documentation they believe will best enhance the possibilities at to settle the mediation conference. This may include pleadings and discovery responses; important documents exchanged through discovery; relevant deposition testimony; and succinct mediation position statements.

No documentation is required, however, and the mediator will call the parties and their lawyers privately prior to the session to discuss the case, the law of the case, and any other relevant or contentious factual disputes. The scheduling tool on this website asks participants to provide general case and party background information to assist with and accelerate the scheduling and mediation process.

We will provide a neutral site if requested. Often, parties may decide the best location for  conflict resolution, and we strive to accommodate those requests.

Yes. Our training, credentials and employment dispute experience allow us to provide dispute resolution anywhere in the nation, in state and federal court cases as well as pre-suit administrative settings, including the EEOC. Location, travel and lodging arrangements can be determined when our company is engaged for employment mediation.

Our website has a convenient scheduling and calendar tool that shows our availability and allows an attorney to secure a date for the mediation. We also welcome questions by phone or email.

While employment law is our core focus, our mediators have significant experience in most areas of civil litigation. We can provide neutral services in litigation involving civil rights violations; personal injury; auto/truck accidents; premises liability/slip and fall/inadequate security; product liability and malpractice. If you have a specific need or would like to know more about our experience, contact us by phone or email.

Absolutely. During the mediation session, we will meet privately with the parties and their counsel to caucus about the positives and negatives of each side’s case; this positions everyone to make the most thoughtful and reasoned settlement decisions they can make. Confidentiality ensures that these open and frank discussions can take place without the fear of individual negotiation strategies and reasons for settlement being exposed or discovered later on.

We work diligently to resolve and settle all cases. This means that we will persistently follow up with the parties and lawyers if there remains a possibility that more discussion, whether by telephone or video conference or additional mediation sessions, can help the parties achieve resolution on every relevant claim. There are no costs for post-session services unless a full follow-up session is requested.