Six Things You Can Expect From an EVMS Mediation

The choice of mediator is not one to be taken lightly. Mediators come from all walks of life and backgrounds, with varying philosophical perspectives. These influences shape their unique approach to conducting mediations, as well as their effectiveness in resolving disputes. 

At Eischens + Vogel Mediation Solutions, our litigation backgrounds shape our approach to mediation. Our experience advocating for clients in court not only allows us to give practical feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s case, but also understand what it’s like being in their shoes.

Here are six things you can expect from scheduling a mediation with Eischens + Vogel Mediation Solutions:

  1. A strong litigation background. The mediators at EVMS are battle tested. We have taken and defended hundreds of depositions, completed extensive written discovery, and are well-versed in motion practice. In labor and employment law, we have each first-chaired numerous high-stakes jury trials in state and federal courts in Kansas, Missouri and beyond, and have real-world experience with judges. We know what it takes to try and win cases and are well-positioned to give a clear-eyed assessment of the cases before us. Additionally, we have also participated in hundreds, if not thousands, of mediation sessions as party advocates. 

  2. An awareness of the emotions and feelings of the parties. We are compassionate, empathetic, understanding, friendly and approachable. We have met with clients in conference rooms, offices, living rooms and at dining room tables. In each of these locations, we have held their hands, laughed with them, cried with them, and have felt battle scars with them, so we know the emotions that are at play in litigation. 

  3. A firmness when needed. We are not afraid of engaging in devil’s advocacy, where we ask challenging, yet thoughtful questions designed to get the parties to think differently about their cases, creating new expectations for mediation outcomes. 

  4. An understanding that the mediation process is one of educational compromise. We strive to provide a meaningful and thoughtful case education opportunity to enable parties to make a difficult compromise decision. Our goal is for the parties to gain a broader perspective of their case, allowing them to make an informed decision as to its resolution. 

  5. An efficient and cost-conscious approach. We know firsthand that taking cases to trial is not only emotionally grueling for the parties, but also expensive. We seek to help parties resolve their disputes early and save money in the process. 

  6. A dedication to preparation. We rigorously prepare for our mediations, ensuring we have a complete understanding of the facts and the law at issue in the case at hand. We recommend that parties also prepare for our mediations by spending adequate time investigating and preparing their talking points for the session, the relevant facts and applicable law of the case being mediated. We also advise clients to familiarize themselves with the relevant verdict director for each claim in the case to help focus mediation discussions.

Eischens + Vogel Mediation Solutions mediates many types of civil disputes, from employment to personal injury to commercial matters. For more information and to schedule a mediation, visit our website.