In the wake of the #MeToo movement, more survivors of sexual assault have come forward to tell their stories and seek compensation for their injuries through civil litigation. Given its sensitive nature, sexual assault litigation is intensely personal, both for survivors and the accused. As a result, litigants often find value in sexual assault mediation as an alternative means of resolving their claims privately without the need for a public trial.  

The mediators at Eischens + Vogel Mediation Solutions are experienced litigators with a track record of successfully representing both plaintiffs and defendants in sexual assault litigation. The firm has mediated dozens of sexual assault cases with empathy, compassion, delicateness, and understanding.  The firm’s founders have over 50 years of experience in the courtroom and can help litigants more clearly understand their cases, what they can expect at trial, and come to a resolution to the benefit of all parties. They strive to approach each mediation with empathy and respect for all parties. 

Case types handled include:

  • Student-on-Student
  • Teacher-on-Student
  • Law Enforcement-on-Detainee/Arrestee
  • Clergy-on-Parishioner
  • Employee-on-Employee